General Policies

Charging Station Policies

1. The client must pay a ₱20.00 per hours (consumable / non-refundable); as per approved Ordinance No. 2291, S-2014 (D)-Fines and Fees. Payment of charging fee/s should be made by the client to the QC Treasurer’s Office- Quezon City Miscellaneous Cashier for the issuance of official receipt. It is understood that payment of charging fee of P20.00 has been agreed upon and understood by the client and that it was done voluntarily and of his/her own free will.

2. The client/s must use his/her own device/s for charging;

3. The library staff/s are not obliged to provide any charging paraphernalia to the client;

4. The staff may provide charging equipment to the client provided the staff will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damages to any device/s of the client;

5. The client is responsible for the safety of his/her own gadget/s while charging; he/she should not leave the charging of his/her gadget/s unattended. QCPL staff will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damages to any device/s of the client.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Policies

An admitted trainee shall abide by the rules and regulations implemented by the office where s/he is undergoing on-the-job training.


• Trainee must be at the library at least before the OJT hours.
• Trainee should observe punctuality in reporting to his/her assigned training area.
• Trainee must notify the immediate head/supervisor as soon as possible if she/he will be late or absent.
• Ensure that time cards should be countersigned by the guard on-duty.


• Trainee should always observe discipline and right conduct.
• Trainee should practice professional courtesy when communicating with QCPL employees and library users.
• Trainee should interact respectfully with all supervisors and colleagues.

Dress Code

During the Practicum Period, the Student shall be required to wear the prescribed Practicum uniform or School uniform, as the case may be; In case of wearing of civilian attire, strictly observe the following:


 Pencil skirt, Jeans (must be clean and free of rips, tears and fraying; may not be excessively tight or revealing)
 Polo shirt, short-sleeve blouses or shirts, blazers or jackets/sweaters


 Sweatpants, leggings, shorts, short skirts, low-rise or hip-hugger pants or jeans
 Sleeveless blouses or shirts, crop tops, clothing showing midriffs, spaghetti straps
 Sandals, flip flops, open-toe shoes

Pantry Use

• Lower your voice so as not to disturb nearby area.
• Separate food waste from plastic/container in proper trash bin.
• Please clean up your area after eating.
• Trainee must pay ₱5.00 per 500ml of water.

OJTs During Working Hours

• Avoid using cell phones, head phones and other gadgets.
• Avoid chatting with other staff and co-trainees.
• Maintain the progress of the work as agreed with the immediate supervisors.
• Complete the required training hours as indicated in the school’s endorsement.
• Actively seek feedback and incorporate suggestions for performance improvements.

In case of violation of the above policy a warning will be given to the specific trainee and in case of habitual violation the management (QCPL) has the right to terminate the training and the school will be notified accordingly.

Baggage Control Policies

The objective of the Baggage Control is to have a policy that prevent or minimize losses of the library user’s belongings and to avoid conflict between staff and the researchers. Thus, the library users are advised to follow the following policy:

1. All are requested to deposit their things/bags at the baggage counter. (Ordinance No. 1194, S-2002, Sec. 3)

2. Library users are advised not to leave cash, credit cards, cellphone, important documents, or any valuables including jewelries in their bags. The library will not be liable for any such losses.

3. Bags, attaché case, boxes and laptops should not be brought inside the library. They must be deposited at the counter. If laptops will be used/ brought inside the library, a slip should be filled up, bearing the name and type of the laptop/gadgets and its paraphernalia and to be submitted to the guard on duty.

4. Deadly weapons are not allowed inside the library, except for military personnel in uniform.

5. Personal books are allowed to be brought inside, provided that the owner must fill-up a slip indicating the quantity, title and author of the book.

6. The number tags must be properly kept by the holder to avoid inconvenience in claiming bags or any belongings deposited at the baggage counter. The number tag attached to the owner’s belongings must correspond to the number tag under his/her possession. Otherwise, he/she must be able to determine his/her belongings that must match against his/her description. Lost number will be charged ₱100.00.

7. No pets allowed.

8. Request plastic envelop for your valuables to be brought inside the library. Unreturned plastic envelop will be charged ₱30.00.

9. All bags/belongings should be submitted for inspection by the Guard on duty upon leaving the library premises.

10. Unclaimed baggage/s after end of office hours (5 p.m.) particularly important documents and belongings must be claimed the next working day and must be properly identified by the owners. If not properly identified, the library will not return such baggage/s and wait for rightful persons to claim the baggage.


1. Customers going to the Café@Lib shall deposit their bag/s at the Baggage Counter and must bring all his/her valuable things and may request for a plastic envelope to be provided by the baggage counter staff where he/she can put his/her valuables while inside the library premises.

2. Pay as you order the foods;

3. Be sensitive to another client. Observe silence, as the Café@Lib is also an extension of the library services where other customers read newspapers and magazines and relax;

4. Be careful with the decors & glass tables, they are fragile. Clients are responsible and accountable for any damages done to the Café@Lib furniture, fixtures and equipment,

5. Ask the assistance of any of the Café@Lib staff for any requests and assistance;

6. No Standby;

7. No QCPL Reference Books will be allowed at the Café@Lib;

8. Bringing of foods is strictly prohibited inside the Café@Lib;

9. Place or drop any suggestions/recommendations, in the Library’s Suggestion Box located at the Information Desk Reference Section ground floor.

Policy for the Users:

1. Never leave the restroom dirty. Smelly toilets are big turn offs.

2. Lock the door carefully when you are inside.

3. If someone is inside, have the courtesy to wait for the other person to come out.

4. Do not throw water on the floor as someone might slip and get hurt.

5. Never forget to flush once you are done.

6. Do not spit on walls. It is absolutely childish to write names or make designs on toilet walls.

7. Don’t take much time inside the restroom. One should avoid taking hand phones inside the washroom.

8. Tissue papers must be thrown inside the dustbin and not anywhere else. Sanitary napkins must be wrapped in polybags / toilet tissues and disposed in dustbins.

9. Do not leave the restroom with taps / faucet on. It is important to conserve water.

10. One should not smoke inside the office toilet. It leads to suffocation.

11. Keep the soap inside the soap case.


The following policies and regulations have been developed to ensure the proper use and preservation of the facility:

1. The Conference Room is designed for the use of QCPL activities/affairs only.

2. Quezon City Government Offices are allowed to use the Conference Room, provided there is an advance notification/written request addressed to the City Librarian stating the purpose, date and number of participants for reference purposes. But the Mayor, Vice.

3. Mayor and City Councilors will be the priority in case of conflict of schedules.

4. A schedule of date will be strictly followed on a “First come first served” basis among QC government offices.

5. A maximum of fifty (50) persons will be allowed to use the conference room to avoid overcrowding, as well as comfort room facilities are not designed for large groups.

6. The Conference Room is ideal for a one (1) day short meetings, trainings, forum, programs/activities of the library and other official functions by the office and the request party. Therefore, a theater type arrangement is advised, no tables to accommodate a seminar-workshop or so. Other arrangement will be allowed only upon request.

7. The room is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to allow for adequate time for set up and clean up within the Library’s regular office hours. The facility is not available during evenings, weekends or holidays.

8. Cleanliness and orderliness inside the room must always be observed, as there will be no assigned janitor to monitor and maintain its cleanliness while the conference is ongoing.

9. Bringing in of food inside the Conference Room is not allowed. However, food preparations can be served at the roof deck, and Café @Lib if something bought there.

10. The Conference Room is not equipped with audio-visual facilities, so the requesting party must bring their own and take responsibility for the operation and care of their own equipment. Library-owned audio-visual equipment is not available to other requesting party, provided it will be operated by the library staff.

11. The requesting party will be held responsible for any losses/damage of any furniture, fixtures or equipment during their stay in the room.

12. The Participants of the event are not allowed to park at the QCPL Parking area. It is reserved for the QCPL Readers and QCPL Government Vehicles only. They can park in other QC Hall parking spaces.

2. During Fridays, employees are allowed to wear civilian clothes, but must observe proper attire and not allowed to wear clothes as follows:

a. Sleeveless t-shirts/sando
b. See-through dress.
c. Shorts.
d. Leggings with short blouses/t-shirts. Leggings are to be worn with long blouses or t-shirts, otherwise body hugging leggings is not allowed.
e. Miniskirts.

Discussion Room Policies

The following policies and regulations have been developed to ensure the proper use and preservation of the QCPL facilities:

1. The QCPL Discussion Room is limited for the use of the Library and City Officials only, particularly the City Mayor, Vice Mayor and City Councilors.

2. A schedule of date will be strictly followed on a “First come, First Served” basis.

3. A maximum of 10-15 persons is allowed to use the facility as this was designed for small group discussion/meeting only.

4.The room is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 to 4:30 p.m. to allow for adequate time for set up and clean up within the Library’s regular office hours. This facility is not available during evenings, weekends or holidays.

5. Bringing of foods/drinks is allowed on a case to case basis.

6.Cleanliness and orderliness inside the room must be observed always. Be sure to turn off the aircon, lights and other electrical facilities when leaving the area.

7.The requesting party will be held responsible for any losses/damages of any furniture, fixtures or equipment during their stay in the room.


1. Library users/researchers entering the library premises are likewise required to observe wearing of proper attire.

2. The following are not allowed:
a. Sando/sleeveless t-shirt.
b. See-through dress.
c. Short shorts.
d. Mini-skirt.

3. No wearing of hats.