About the Library


Library Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Who May Use the Library?

The Library is open to the general public - students, professionals, out of school youth, children, senior citizens, officials and employees of the city hall and others including PWDs who may wish to conduct research or spend a wholesome use of lecture time thru reading.

Library Card Application, Privileges And Validity

(As per Ordinance 2597, S-2017, amending Ordinance No. 2291, S-2014)

Only bonafide Quezon City residents may apply for a library card subject to the following requirements:
  • A photocopy of one valid government ID or a barangay clearance to establish identity and residency.
  • Duly filled application form.
  • For minors: a guarantor shall provide a photocopy of one valid government ID to establish identity and residency.
  • A library card application fee amounting to sixty (60) pesos to be paid at the Miscellaneous Cashier or Treasurer’s Office as per Ordinance No. 2597, S-2017, amending No. 2291, S-2014.
All minor applicants shall require a guarantor who shall assume principal liability for the cost of any reading materials lost or damaged. A minor being understood to be one less than eighteen (18) years of age. The following shall be eligible to act as a guarantor:
  • A parent or a legal guardian of the minor applicant.
  • A Quezon City Government Official or Employee, except those of the Quezon City Public Libraries.
Valid Library Card holders are eligible for the following library privileges subject to rules and regulations issued by the Quezon City Public Library.
  • Only Fiction books can be borrowed for home-reading.
  • Internet use.
  • Borrowing privileges are non-transferrable and must be exercised personally.
  • And such other services to be determined by the Librarian In-charge


The validity period of our new QCPL Library Card is three (3) years from the time of application. At any time leading up to or after the expiry date: If you can't visit the main library right away, contact us at 922-4060 and the Information Desk Staff In-charge can extend your expiry date for up to 1 month to give you more time. All outstanding charges (delinquency in returning fiction books) must be paid before your card can be renewed.

Fines and Fees

Particulars Fee
Library card application fee P 60.00
Library card renewal fee P 60.00
Replacement fee for loss library card by public school students P 30.00
Replacement fee for loss library card by other library users P 50.00
Replacement fee for subsequent instance/s of loss card P 100.00
Fee for unreturned book P 1.00*
Fee for electricity use P 20.00*

* per book per day
* use of the library’s electrical outlets of 1hour or less, purpose of charging laptops, cell phones and other electronic device.

Charges for Overdue, Lost and Damaged Library Materials

One of the missions of the QC Public Library is to provide quality resources so that every user becomes lifelong readers, learners, and effective and responsible users of information. To meet this mission, it is important for library materials to be in good condition and to be returned on time by the borrowers. Library budget for new books is approved on a yearly basis and it is not possible to replace all of the lost or damaged materials at once. There are instances that the items that are lost or damaged are the very materials that are frequently borrowed or read and are mostly very important for research. All borrowers, including library staff, are included in this Overdue, Lost and Damaged Library Materials Policy. The Borrower of the book is responsible for the safe and timely return of library material. Notification of overdue or lost material is a service provided by the library. Failure to receive a notice does not free the borrower of responsibilities.

  1. Borrowers may replace lost or damaged library materials which are acceptable to the library plus payment of corresponding fine.
  2. Borrowers, who find major damages in the library material they borrow, must report it at once to the Librarian, otherwise, they will be held responsible for the damage.